Salty One X Burrugu Art limited edition collab

Salty One X Burrugu Art limited edition collab

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'Cultural Strengthening' 

Cultural Strengthening speaks to the view that at a young age, we need to be culturally connected. The lines through the sand represent life and the challenges we face, and it is our connection to our culture and mob that will always rise up to help us through.

This piece was created on Wadawurrung Country at Pt Addis in Victoria.

Sandon Gibbs-O'Neil

I am a proud Nhunngabarra man inspired by the legacy of my Grandfather, Tex Skuthorpe, who was a highly respected Nhunggal man, artist, teacher and author. 

Burruguu Art Collab artwork description: 

This design is inspired by the saltwater and the beauty of our coast. The flowing and intricate details within the ocean design reflect the vastness of our oceans, the wise range of life they sustain and the beauty that seems to continue on forever. For thousands of generations our Ancestors gathered on our coastline has been and continues to be a place for communities to gather and come together. It has provided for us and continues to do so. These communities -  past, present and future - are represented in the circles surrounded by u-shapes. The u-shape is used as it reflects the mark that would be left behind after sitting cross-legged around a campfire. It is so important that we continue to look after our beaches and oceans to ensure they can be enjoyed and sustained for our future generations. 

Product information:

This collaboration is limited to 50 framed canvas prints. All prints will receive a Tasmanian Oak float frame also known as a tray frame, these frames allow the artwork to be inserted from the front, which means there is no glazing. Your artwork sits slightly recessed below the front of the frame. The float frame adds around 15mm to each face or 30mm overall so the final sizes: 
  • 93 cm x 53 cm
  • 123 cm x 70 cm
  • 153 cm x 88 cm
  • 183 cm x 103 cm
Each Salty One artwork print is part of a limited release, which means your purchase is unique and retains its authenticity and value as it will only ever be printed a certain number of times.  Each piece is issued with an edition number and artist’s signature that is provided on a certificate of authenticity with each piece. 

All artwork is printed locally at a Fine Art Printing Studio in Geelong, Victoria.  The artwork is printed using world-class materials on the finest substrates.

Salty One artwork is available on your choice of substrate: Cotton Rag or Canvas.

Fine Art Cotton Rag: Cotton rag is an archival quality printing medium. It is a type of paper that is made from cotton fibres rather than wood pulp and, as a result, is superior in both strength and durability.  Our cotton rag prints also use archival quality ink, meaning that your finished artwork will have vivid colour and depth, never fading and lasting a lifetime! As it is a paper, cotton rag prints must be framed behind glass.

Canvas: Canvas is a sturdy material that can be framed with or without glass. The canvas we use for our artwork is a high quality cotton/polyester blend canvas with a smooth woven pattern. The archival life of our canvas prints is 120-150 years! Our canvas prints are available framed or unframed. If you selected a framed artwork, it will be expertly stretched and then framed without glass and is able to be shipped Australia wide.

Whilst there is a series of set sizes for Salty One artworks, most can adapted and printed in custom size requests to suit your space. Custom Canvases are available unframed or framed. Please enquire here for custom size requests.