Salty One X Burruguu Art Collab 1/1 **Original Artwork **
Salty One X Burruguu Art Collab 1/1 **Original Artwork **
Salty One X Burruguu Art Collab 1/1 **Original Artwork **

Salty One X Burruguu Art Collab 1/1 **Original Artwork **

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This artwork is now proudly on display at Mitchelton Gallery and is available for purchase through their website

**Original Artwork Sale**

To coincide with the release of our exciting collab launch this week, we will also be selling the original 1/1 framed canvas. At a huge L-2515mm x H-1430mm x W-55mm on premium 400gsm Hahnemühle Daguerre Canvas, and framed in a raw tassie oak float frame with a Feast Watson soft wax stain, this piece is a one-of-a-kind artwork that will take pride of place in your home or office.

The base artwork is 'Cultural Strengthening’ - Cultural Strengthening speaks to the view that at a young age, we need to be culturally connected. The lines through the sand represent life and the challenges we face, and it is our connection to our culture and mob that will always rise up to help us through.

Sandon then hand-painted his designs over the top in a process that took over 50 hours to complete. Sandon’s work represents the following;

"This design is inspired by the saltwater and the beauty of our coast. The flowing and intricate details within the ocean design reflect the vastness of our oceans, the wide range of life they sustain and the beauty that seems to continue on forever. For thousands of generations our Ancestors gathered on our coastline has been and continues to be a place for communities to gather and come together. It has provided for us and continues to do so. These communities -  past, present and future - are represented in the circles surrounded by u-shapes. The u-shape is used as it reflects the mark that would be left behind after sitting cross-legged around a campfire. It is so important that we continue to look after our beaches and oceans to ensure they can be enjoyed and sustained for our future generations.”

Product information:

  • Salty One X Burruguu Art Collab 1/1 Original artwork
  • Artwork: 'Cultural Strenghthening’ X Burruguu Art artwork Collaboration
  • Substrate: Hahnemühle Daguerre Canvas 400 gsm
  • Medium: Drone photography + acrylic paint on Canvas
  • Size: L-2515mm x H-1430mm x W-55mm
  • Frame: Raw Tassie Oak Float Frame with a Feast Watson Soft Wax stain.


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